Metal Stamping

SST has the capability to assist with design and build all dies in house to fit our customer’s needs. We also have the ability to maintain all dies here which helps to shorten lead time.

Whether it is a Progressive Die/ Blanking Die / Secondary die for inserts / Trimming and Forming.

And we definitely do not want to forget drawn cans using Brass/ Stainless steel / CRS Steel / Copper / HY-MU 80/ Nickel / Aluminum.
SST designed and built an in-die feeder that gives us the ability to pitch .002 material without buckling.

Presses ranging from 10 tons up to 160 tons. With or without air pads, bed sizes ranging from 13’ X 24’ up to 32’ X 51’ Max stroke of 9 inches.

Material Handling Capability

  • Thickness range .002” – .125”
  • Width max of 14”