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Student Apprentice Programs

Tool & Die

This program was set-up with the assistance of the Raymond School to Work Program, the NH Department of Labor, and the NH Board Education. Thank You All For All The Help! It is a part of the Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program that collaborates with the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, US Department of Labor.

The Tool & Die Apprentice is an "innovative approach to education and training that combines the formal, registered apprenticeship system of training with secondary school curricula, enabling student/apprentices to work toward achieving apprenticeship competencies while completing their High School education. It provides students an opportunity to begin their career path through participation in a nationally credentialed system of training that meets predetermined and accepted training and education standards."

This program is comprised of training on-the-job and related theoretical and technical education, a combination that provides the foundation for a person to become a qualified professional in a Tool and Die career. In the Registered Youth Apprenticeship Program, high school students are employed part-time (a minimum of 20 hours per week) as registered apprentices by SST and are expected to continue full-time apprenticeships once they complete high school. The registered student/apprentice accumulates credit toward high school graduation and toward professional, career standing.

All apprentices start with learning basic machining skills, use of all shop equipment, measure and inspection, bench assembly, CAD-CAM-Computer, and EDM.

The benefits of this Apprenticeship program are tremendous! We are not only aiding the transition of high school students to the real work world, but SST is preparing for the future and gaining a very valuable employee.

Wire EDM Operator Apprentice

This program is the first of it's kind in the state of NH. Our thanks go to the NH Department of Labor, the Seacoast School of Technology, the NH Machining Association, and the NTMA.

The Wire EDM Operator Apprentice is similar to other apprentice programs in that a certain number of on-the-job-training hours are required, along with specific scholastic instruction. The difference being, of course, the area of study is focused heavily on EDM.

The EDM operator/apprentice will learn all aspects of Wire, Conventional and Small Hole EDM. This entails topics such as; principles of EDM and its applications, wire types, flushing, carbide and the EDM process, electrode selection, orbiting, EDM finishing, and machine maintenance.

Along with this is training in Manual Mill and Lathe, Surface Grinding, CNC, Inspection processes, Cam Programming, and Fixture Design.

Again, we all win with this type of program. We are preparing our company for the next generation and are gaining a very valuable skilled employee. We are really excited with the prospects.

If you are interested in learning more about SST's Tool & Die Apprenticeship Program or the Wire EDM Operator Apprentice, please contact us at info@shookustools.com.